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Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees

As defined in the Manual of Office Procedure brought out by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances

Designation Secretary

Secretary is the Administrative head of the Department. He is the principal Adviser of the Minister on all matters of policy and administration within the Department having complete and undivided responsibility.

Designation AS &FA

AS & FA manages the financial matters in the Department.
All Financial powers subject to observation of the General Financial Rules (GFR) in vogue.

Designation Joint Secretary

Joint Secretary is the overall in-charge of the Wing of the Department .allocated and entrusted to him. He is entrusted with the necessary measure of independent functioning and responsibility in respect of all business of the Wing, subject to his general responsibility of the Joint Secretary for the administration of the wing as a whole.

All financial powers subject of limitation of delegation of financial powers delegated by Secy./AS & FA.

Designation Director/Deputy Secretary

Director/Deputy Secretary acts on behalf of the Secretary. He holds charge of a Secretariat division and is responsible for the disposal of Government Business dealt within the Division under his charge. The officer takes orders from the Joint Secretary/Secretary on important cases, either orally or by submission of papers.

Further in terms of specific delegation of Powers, he is appointing authority in respect of Senior Secretariat Assistant and Junior Secretariat Assistant of Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS).

He is also empowered to impose all penalties under CCS (CCA) Rule 11 in respect of Senior Secretariat Assistant and Junior Secretariat Assistant of Central Secretariat Clerical Services (CSCS) employees under the Administrative Control of Deptt. of Industrial Policy & Promotion and impose all penalties under CCS (CCA) Rule 11 in respect of General Central Service, Group 'C' employees of the Deptt. of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

Designation Under Secretary

An Under Secretary is in charge of a Branch in the Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion, each Branch consisting of one or more Sections and, in respect thereof, exercise control both in regard to the despatch of business and maintenance of discipline. Work comes to him from Sections under his charge. As Branch Officer he disposes of as many cases as possible at his own level but he takes the orders of Deputy Secretary or higher officers on important cases.

Designation Desk/Section Officer

The general duties of a Desk/Section Officer are distribution of work among the staff as evenly as possible; training, help and advising the staff; management and co-ordination of work; maintenance of order and discipline in the section maintenance of a list of residential address of the staff. A Desk Officer is expected to put up papers directly to the Division Head.

Designation Private Secretary/Personal Assistant/Stenographer

The duties of a Private Secretary/Personal Assistant/Stenographer includes taking dictation in shorthand and its transcription; fixing up appointments, attending telephone calls and to the visitors in a graceful manner; keeping an accurate list of engagements, meetings, etc; keeping a note of movements of files; carrying out the corrections to the officer's reference books and making fair copies of drafts d.o. letters to be signed by the officer.

Designation Assistant Section Officer (ASO) / Senior Secretariat Assistant (SSA)

The duties of an ASO / SSA are to see whether all facts open to check have been correctly stated; point out any mistakes or incorrect statement of the facts; draw attention, where necessary to precedents or Rules and Regulations on the subject; put up the guard file and to bring out clearly the question under consideration and suggest a course of action, wherever possible.

Designation Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)

JSA are ordinarily entrusted with work of routine nature, e.g., registration of Dak, maintenance of Section Diary, File Register, File Movement Register, Indexing and Recording, Typing, Comparing, Preparation of arrears and other statements, supervision of correction of reference books and submission of routine and simple drafts.