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Scheme for Strengthening of Industrial Statistics

Brief about the Scheme

This component was evolved with a view to enhance statistical capacities to better capture production data statistics, it came into effect from February 2014

Detailed write-up:

  1. Objectives: Collection of monthly production statistics from organized manufacturing units for IIP and maintenance of enhanced database including an online interface for data collection and compilation from industrial units. Creation of a dynamic system to ensure better capture of newer/emerging items/industrial units.

  2. Coverage & Eligibility: The component was evolved with a view to upgrade the existing data base Production Monitoring System (PMS) of Industrial Statistics Unit (ISU) by engaging professional services to upgrade and develop monthly production data base, introduction of a Web based data collection portal for Industrial units to allow them to submit their monthly production returns online and to assist in transition related activities for shifting of base year of IIP from 2004-5 to 2011-12.

  3. Budget Availability/Utilization since initiation: As shown in table below

  4. Physical Progress:

  • Commitment related to transition of series of IIP has been met.

  • The new PMS have already been implemented.

  • The work of online web submission facility has also been made operational for online data submission by the industrial units.

  1. Salient Features in Bullet Form

  • Implementation work for transmission of IIP series from 2004-05 to 2011-12.

  • Development of online production data submission portal.

  • Upgradation of Production Monitoring System.

  1. Implementing Agency: N.A.

  2. Monitoring and Review Mechanism: N.A.

  3. Findings of Evaluation, if any: N.A.

  1. Scheme Guidelines (in searchable PDF /DOC) as amended up to 31.12.2016: Nil

  2. Circulars / Notification / Orders with file name indicating subject line in a self- Explanatory manner: Nil

Budget Availability for Plan component “Strengthening of Industrial Statistics” under the Plan Scheme “Implementation of National Manufacturing Policy”


Plan Allocation

Plan Expenditure






























Started in February, 2014

The activity of Industrial Statistics Unit is regular in nature and requires continuous improvements for enhancing the statistical capacities to capture better statistics. Therefore, from the financial year 2017-18, all statistical activities relating to price and production will be taken under the budget head ‘Price and Production Statistics’ of Office of the Economic Adviser.