मुख पृष्ठ Ease of Doing Business Reforms Reforms towards Ease of Doing Business

Reforms towards Ease of Doing Business

General Indicators under Ease of Doing Business
S No. Title Document
1 Registering Property
2 Starting a Business
3 Paying Taxes
4 Enforcing Contracts
5 Resolving Insolvency
6 Construction Permits (Delhi)
7 Reforms undertakn in Granting Construction Permit in Mumbai
8 Reforms Undertaken for Construction Permits in India
9 Reforms undertaken in Trading Across Border Indicator
11 Indian perspective on Paying Taxes
13 Reforms undertaken in Starting a Business, Protecting Minority Investor & Resolving Insolvency Indicators
15 Reforms undertaken in Encofrcing Contract Indicator
19 Data on VAT and Shops Establishment - Mumbai
Notifications / Circulars for Indicators under Ease of Doing Business
S No. Title Document
10 DVAT Circular for Registration
12 Advisory from Indian Bank Association for elimination of Company Seal
14 BMC Shops and Establishment Circular
16 Ease of Doing Business - Re-engineering and deletion of procedural steps in dealing with Construction Permits
17 Expansion of 24x7 customs clearance and clarification of levy of MOT charges in CFs attached to 24x7 ports
18 Extending the Single Window Interface for Facilitation of Trade (SWIFT) to Exports
20 Requirement of documents for getting new electricity connection
21 Reducing - eliminating printouts in Customs Clearance
22 Review of Infrastructure Charges and Development Charges for Commercial Consumers
23 Online Scheme for Building Plans in respect of Warehouse Buildings Ease of Doing Business-Launching of Common Application FORM (CAF)
24 Issuance of digitally - Signed Sanction Letter - Ease pf Doing Business - Construction Permit
25 Regarding Issue of NOC for construction permits in Delhi for Ease of Doing Business
26 Online Scheme for Completion Certificates in respect of Residential Properties (for Building Plan cases sanctioned through Online Scheme)
27 Planning, Digging & Monitoring (PDM) web based Application for grant of online permission for Road cutting has been developed and made fully functional for all stake holders
28 Reduction in the number of procedures in sanction of building plans
29 Simplification of approval of layout plan procedure under single window clearance system
30 Tariff schedule of BRPL, BYPL 7 TPDDL for FY 2015 - 16 (Applicable w.e.f. 01-10-2015)
31 Risk based Inspection for plinth level intimation
32 Reduction in the number of procedures in sanction of building plans
33 Qualification of Professionals for Sanction of Building Plans
34 Requirement of documents-Online Sanction of Building Plans relatin gto Construction Permits under EODB
35 Submission of Online NOC applications from the regulated area of the Centrally Protected Monuments in Delhi, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
36 Helpdesk for Architects, Engineers, Applicants for through Online Procedure Construction Permits - under EODB
37 Integration of DPCC with CAF - No NOC for warehouses
38 Colour Coded Zonal Maps (CCZMs) of the Departments from where NOC is required
39 No NOC from Delhi Jal Board