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Office of the Salt Commissioner

The Salt Commissioner’s organization with its headquarters at Jaipur is headed by the Salt Commissioner, who is assisted by two Assistant Salt Commissioners and other supporting staff. There are four regional offices functioning at Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, besides field offices in all the salt producing states. The Salt organization is responsible for monitoring production, distribution and supply of salt. The organization is nodal agency for monitoring production, distribution and quality of iodised salt under National Iodine deficiency control programme of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The other functions of the organization include, price surveillance, promotion of technological development, maintenance of standards and quality improvement of salt, planning, formulation and monitoring the execution of development and labour welfare schemes, custody and superintendence of departmental salt ands and other assets, promotion of exports, pre-shipment inspection and rehabilitation of salt works affected by the natural calamities.

Salt Cess Act, 1953 :-

“Salt cess Act No. 49 of 1953 has been repealed as a whole as per Section 239 & fifteenth Schedule of the Finance Act, 2016, notified in the Government of India – Extra ordinary – Part-II, Section – I of 14.05.2016 by Ministry of Law & Justice, (Legislative Department ) New Delhi.”

Rules :-

“ The Salt Cess rules, 1964 as last amended in 2001 made under Salt Cess Act, 1953 also stand repealed automatically with effect from 14.05.2016.