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Principal Accounts Office


The Departmentalised Accounting Organisation of the Ministry was set up in April, 1976.
The Accounting Organisation is headed by a Chief Controller of Accounts who is assisted by one Controller of Accounts, one Deputy Controller of Accounts in New Delhi and nine Pay and Accounts Office located in different parts of the country. The Principal Accounts Office in New Delhi functions as the administrative centre of the organisation. There is also an Internal Audit wing with its headquarters at New Delhi.
A brief description of various functions performed by these units is given below:

Pay and Accounts office

Pay and Accounts Office is the basic unit of the Accounting Organisation. Its major functions include:

  • Arranging all kinds of payments pertaining to the Ministry including disbursement of salary and loans, grants-in-aid, subsidies on behalf of the Ministry, personal claims of the employees of the Ministry, attached subordinate offices and various bodies.
  • A.Compilation of Monthly Accounts for all the payments made and receipts realised on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Authorisation of Pension.

Principal Accounts Office

In the area of economic data, it brings out, inter-alia, the following:

  • Consolidation of Monthly Accounts received from all the Pay and Accounts offices for onward transmission to Controller General of Accounts for incorporation in Union Accounts.
  • Preparation of the Annual Finance and Appropriation Accounts for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Administrative and related aspects pertaining to the Accounting Organisation.
  • Preparation of Receipt Budget for the Ministry.

Internal Audit Wing

Internal Audit Wing carrying out audit of the accounts of various units of the Ministry including the Accounting Organisation itself and Public Sector Banks and grantee institutions to the extent required.